Teacher-Driven, Media-Rich Curriculum

Zap Pack: 6-Week Curriculum for Grades K-5

Help children understand what following Jesus looks like!

The Chapel and Brothers Young Productions bring you a six-week, sitcom-style video series following the life of a preteen boy named Zack. Zack’s world turns upside down when his family moves to a new town, then turns bizarre when he gets zapped into his school backpack. Zack’s life and attitude are transformed as he learns stories of children from the Bible who were truly “livin’ it”!

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Jesus Is Real: 4-Week Curriculum for Grades 2-6

Give children solid reasons to believe in Jesus!

The Chapel and Second Look Films bring you a four-week, sitcom-style video series featuring the news team from Breaking Action Daily News. This small-town newscast is dead last in the ratings until the skeptical producer, Bentley, orders news anchor Walter Riley to report that Jesus is a fake. With the help of a young boy and a mysterious janitor, Walter’s investigative reporting leads him to a pastor, professor, physician, and printer.

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The Stars of Christmas: 4-Week Curriculum for Grades K-5

Teach children that Jesus is the true star of Christmas!

The Chapel and the Willow Creek Association bring you a teacher-led DVD curriculum which examines a different "Star" each week in a Grammy-style awards show that tells the entire biblical Christmas story in four lessons. Help the children in your ministry discover the one true "Star" of Christmas, Jesus! Using a delightful Grammy-style awards show format, The Stars of Christmas curriculum introduces different "Stars" in the biblical Christmas story each week - Mary, the Shepherds, the Wise Men, and even terrible King Herod who thinks he's the "Star".

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Family-Focused Spiritual Growth Tools

Gospel Hands Flip Tract

Put the story of salvation in children’s hands!

Communicate the plan of salvation to children in a unique and engaging way. Flip through the four spiritual laws using an innovative brochure written in kid-language.

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Gospel Young Flip Tract

Introduce young children to their best friend Jesus!

Communicate the plan of salvation to young children in a unique and engaging way. Flip through the four spiritual laws using an innovative brochure written for children as young as preschool age.

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